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Re: Co-Worker Salvation

Please pray for my co-worker. Whenever the subject of God comes up in the office, he instantly goes to over-talking in defense of why he doesn't believe in "our God". So much so until you can tell that he just is so angry at God for things that have happened in his life and for questions that have been left unanswered. It's as if he isn't even open to hearing the truth anymore. "We're all liars." "None of us really know who God is." "The Bible was written by man just like all the other lying history books." Stuff like that. I told him that one day, he will run out of steam. His fists will go down and that when that day happens, God will finally be able to answer all of those questions. But as long as the fists are up, God is exercising His patience and is big enough to out last him and his barricade of words.