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Re: Migraines

I have been asking the Lord for over 20 years to heal my migraine headaches. I know it is for His glory. I feel at times like the woman with the issue of blood or the man that sat by the pool for 38 years. The longer the wait, the more glorious the healing. Please continue to pray for my healing. If this is what God is doing now, I want to be a part.

Re: Migraines

Father God, I bring Heather before you this morning. your handmaid, one that has been serving you in love. Today Lord, she has brought up her condition of migraines and has asked the saints to pray. Heather knows your will and purpose in her life and we are thankful for that. She's not asking for you to take the migraines away but for the strength to go through. So Lord right now we ask that you grant her with your mercy of strength so that she will be able to continue her good works as a gift that she is inside the body of Christ. Lord, we bring her husband and daughter before you today. Thank you Lord for blessing them and meeting them as a family at their point of need. In the name of your Son, Christ Jesus. Amen

Re: Migraines

i pray peace and healing in Jesus name strengthen and heal them today in Jesus name. Thank the Lord he is moved by compassion he is touching you now...