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Am ask you please pray for me and deliver me and my family so we can be happy and pray for me because sometimes i can't sleep at night i keep trying to get a place of my owe and every time i try is like the devil make something wrong please pray for me to god be the glory

Re: Deliverance

Heavenly Father we come to you oh mighty God believing that you are the God that brings peace joy and righteousness we need you to prove your power in Kevin's life right now oh God. Have mercy on him and his entire family oh God cover them wash them, sanctify them to yourself. I ask for you to forgive oh merciful God just like you forgave me, heal and deliver Father just like you healed and delivered me. I pray that you would refresh and renew and save the entire household. Please Father protect them with your mighty hand. Bring them to believe in you that they may rest in your sweet assurance.Let them no longer be wavery in their faith but cause them to be established in you anchored in you. And I pray God that they would delight in your word, in your ways and in your amazing love for them all. I ask all these things in the name of Jesus Christ!