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Prayer for my salvation

I am seeking to receive salvation. I fast and pray as often as I can. I find that a lot of things that I used to be entertained by or lust after, I no longer have a desire for. For the first time in my life I really desire to serve God. God is always showing stuff that I need to take care of when I pray. He showed me unbelieve, in the sense that I do not believe that he will save me the exact moment while praying. There are times, while praying I experienced the comfort and peace of God but I know that I did not get the Holy Ghost because I have no power over sin. I still get irritated and angry at people. And the experience that saved people talked about I did not get that. So I know that during those experiences I did not receive salvation. My pastors are prayer for me too. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Re: Prayer for my salvation

Father we bring before you this request Lord you hear their cry I ask that you will continue to search their heart as it pertains to Salvation I ask that you will lose your spirit of adoption and continue to draw them, continue to stir them, with a seeking heart and drawing them like never before, shine the light in their heart to allow them to hear your Word like never before and what ever is blocking them to receive you expose it Father that they may acknowledge it Father that they may go all the way to receive Salvation...I asked of these things In Jesus name.