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Hello I hope you are doing well, please pray for me. I have been living a lifestyle of sin. Not blatant sin, but unforginess that I can’t seem to let go of, thinking outside of the boundaries of the Faith. I no longer want to live like that. Please pray for me that I hunger and thirst for righteousness and walk in purity, not lust and wantoness. I want to be selfless. Lift up my husband, my son, my saved and unsaved family members.
Thank you so much

Re: Prayer

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for asking, my family and I are doing well, by God's keeping. GOD Bless you for heeding HIS call at this time. It is our desire that our Father GOD will have HIS WAY in meeting you inside this Prayer in your heart. Our Father, we come humbly to your throne of Grace, presenting Joyce and her loved ones to you. Asking Father that you will hear the cry of her heart and set her free from these issues which has become a burden in her heart and life. Thank you Father for bringing her to this place of realization that she needs Jesus Christ to save her. By your Holy Spirit Father guide her to total surrender to you, and grant unto her your peace and assurance of your love for her. Lord we entrust Joyce to your Sovereign care, because we know that nothing is impossible for you, and you will not forsake the cry of a broken and contrite heart. This we ask in the Mighty name of Jesus our LORD, amen. I will be continuing my Prayer for you, and ask that you let us know when the Father answers your Prayer. If you do desire for someone from our Ministry to personally contact you, please reply with your contact information. Be encouraged and keep believing.