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Prayer for my salvation

Please pray for my salvation. In my heart I feel I've given up everything, and I feel that I'm believing with all my heart and that my greatest desire is to be saved, but I'm not. So I'm asking you to help me pray that God will reveal to me what the hindrance is and that would just surrender what is revealed. I've been reminded to trust the path He has me on, and I'm doing so, but I also want to be very careful of not being complacent and miss Christ. Especially now when I'm sure he has been showing every night in the revival.
Please help me pray also for my mind, that's just sometimes bombarded with distractions. Please also help me pray for my inability to stay awake, when I desire to just sit for as long as it takes before the Lord.
Thank you

Re: Prayer for my salvation

Father we thank you for drawing Trudy to you threw your word in this revival , and that you would continue to draw her and keep her under your word keep her mind clear and free of any destractions even sleep . We thank you that you desire to save her and that you promise to save those who seek you thank you Lord for keeping your word in her life we thank you in Jesus name