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Healing & Salvation

Prayer for my nephew - austism, pray for his mind so he can hear the word of God
My sister and brother, - salvation.

Re: Healing & Salvation

Jesus Jesus Jesus. Father we bless you tonight. We pray the prayer of faith tonight tonight. We know that there is nothing too hard that you cannot do. I pray that you will touch Aneka nephew even now. They is no soul that you cant reach. They is no soul that you cant touch, no soul that you can't save. We pray for salvation for him even now. Touch his mind that he can understand you. Speak to him in ways where he can hear you. Remember her brother and her sister. Save them to the utmost. Lord you see the desire of your daughter heart for her family members to be save. I pray that you grant the desire of her heart. We trusting you ABBA, we believing you. Have your way, in Jesus name.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We will continue to pray on your behalf.be expectant of God to move!!