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I need prayer for my family. My aunt is in DR suffering, she’s homeless with 3 kids and my family won’t help her and I can’t really help her. I never met her but I know of her.
Also, Salvation for my family And my friends, especially my best friends that I went to high n middle school with. And the kids at UCF.
And my cousin, he’s going through a lot and feels like giving up. Also, I have a friend he’s hurt, depressed, and upset and has a hard time watching the Revival.
Also, I want my mom and stepdad and birth dad saved.

For me,
I wanna remain in God and make it to the end. I wanna hear God clearly and I never wanna fall. Also, I have really back and shoulder pain. And to be strengthen in the faith and remain pure in my mind and in my heart.

Re: Salvation

Dear Sunshine we have begun praying for you and your entire family that God would intervene in the midst of all your concerns.We will be praying for God to strengthen you and change the circumstances in the midst of your loves ones concerning salvation,healing and restoration.Let us Pray.It is our desire that God will have his way in meeting you inside this prayer that's in your heart . Our Father who is sovereign and able to do all things according to His will without failing.I believe God will answer.If you would like for someone from the ministry to contact you personally, please reply back with your Contact Information .Also let us know when the Father answer your prayer so that we may praise Him along with you.Be encouraged and keep believing.

Re: Salvation

Dear Sunshine, I am so happy that the Lord, through whatever means directed you to our prayer chapel. I have heard your hearts cry for Salvation and healing and also for your strength in this time of need. God is indeed a wonderful father and he will never turn his back on you. I encourage you to keep your heart pure and be that light in the midst of darkness. I will be praying and other will be praying too that your family and friends will seek Gods face and accept Him as Lord and saviour and that sick bodies will be healed if its the purpose of God. I pray that your aunt and your friend will call on the name of Jesus as they face hardship. Sometimes the good father allows situation in our lives to cause us to seek Him.Again Sunshine be the righteous example everytime and God will do the rest.

Re: Salvation

My Contact info is
Number- 347-455-6526