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Prayer for my family and friends

Hello, I'm asking for prayer for a couple of different family members, none of whom are saved.

My cousin recently got symptoms of the virus, while working (she's a healthcare worker) - she'll know on Sunday or Monday, if she has the virus. Her mom is also a nurse in the same hospital, going to work daily. Another cousin is in New York, working as a nurse in the hospitals there, and she's in the middle of the epicenter where the virus is. Another cousin's wife is due to have a baby at the end of the month and scared to go into the labor because it means going into the hospital.

My uncle's dad has been in the hospital for the past few days, and recently got released home, we believe it might be issues with his kidneys.

I have a grandfather currently on dialysis, for kidney failure, and his health condition puts stress on my mom and her siblings.

My mom has had what we believe in walking pneumonia for the past two weeks, she can't get a doctor appointment. My sister's roommate has an issue with her lungs but still has to go into work at a restaurant, because she has bills she needs to pay.

My dad's cousin has a wife with MS and a son with autism, so he's worried about them getting the virus. He's also very stressed in general, over their health.

My parents, brother and sister are not saved, and I have played part of the revival sessions for them and they weren't interested, so I ask that God open their eyes.

My family's business, is unsure whether or not we'll be open after closing for a few weeks. I know my dad doesn't outwardly say so, but as an owner, he's worried. He's worried about the virus as well, but doesn't actually say so, but it's keeping him awake in the middle of the night.

My brother's wife's dad has bad health issues, with cancer and his heart. My brother's wife's sister's husband is a military medic and been put in the front lines at a hopsital to help.

I ask their eyes be opened, and God heal, even if they may not be willing to watch the Revival broadcast. I ask for His mercy that I may have enough time to be a witness to them, if God wills it. Thank you.

Re: Prayer for my family and friends

Hi Chelsea,

It's our desire that God will have his way in meeting you inside these prayer requests in your heart. Our Father who is the sovereign one is able to do all things according to His will without failing. I and others will be praying for you and your loved ones regarding all situations, believing that the Father will answer. Also, let us know when the Father answer prayer so that we can praise Him with you. Be encouraged and keep believing.