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Good day,

I am asking for prayer for my self and my family which currently consists of me and my husband right now, i ask that you may help us pray that the lord lead us in all truth. I desire to know the Lord more and to walk in his truth, not just know the word but practice it also,to live it....and allow him to live through me...in all honesty... i am get easily offended at times...and i know this is not like God and i just want be free from this. I am also asking for prayer for healing.

Thank You.

Re: Prayer

It's our desire that God will have his way in meeting you inside this prayer that's in your heart. Our Father who is the sovereign one is able to do all things according to His will without failing. I and others will be praying for you regarding this situation, believing that the Father will answer. If you would like for someone from our Ministry to contact you personally, please reply back with your contact information. Also, let us know when the Father answer your prayer so that we can praise Him with you. Be encouraged and keep believing.

Re: Prayer


Re: Prayer

YOU MAY CONTACT ME AT delleciasmall1@gmail.com or 876-898-9548.