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Prayer for restoration, healing, deliverance

Today I praise and thank God, I woke hearing the word of God from this ministry! A member shared last night's message. Which lead me to ask for prayer from those who can touch and agree with me, according to Galatians 6:1. I am very sensitive about reaching out to people, because of what I've experienced in the past. People playing and gossiping about people's struggle. But I'm stepping out on faith. I have wrestled with the spirit of lust, sexual immorality, deceit,rejection,
abandonment,identity,emotional and mental abuse,(just to name a few) since I was young. I gave my heart to Christ but returned to a familiar lifestyle. I've been hearing the Holy Spirit tugging on me, but something is holding me down. There are days I began making steps towards God but then something slaps me back down. I believe witchcraft is in play. But I also know that rebellion is a form of witchcraft. So I'm asking for strength from the Saints, that I be restored to my first love and that the Will of God for my life be Manifested! In Christ Jesus's Name Amen!

Re: Prayer for restoration, healing, deliverance

It's our desire that God will have his way in meeting you inside of this prayer that's in your heart. Our father who is the Sovereign one is able to do all things according to his will without failing. I will be praying for you regarding this situation, believing that the Father will answer. If you will like for someone
from our Ministry to contact you personally, please reply back with your contact information. Also,let us know when the Father answer your prayer so we can praise Him with you. Be encouraged and keep on believing.