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Prayer for a young man who had a stroke

Praying that he’s healed completely, his speech returns and he’s able to live a normal life . Praying that he recieves the best medical care and therapy

Re: Prayer for a young man who had a stroke

Father we lift up this young man. We pray God that if he doesn't know you that you would introduce and reveal yourself to him.
We pray that you would touch his body and that his speech will return. We pray that you will allow him to make a full recovery. God provided him with the best doctors and rehab. Send him a team that knows and believes in you.
You alone are God and we come to you because we know you are a healer and a comforter. Comfort him and give him peace at this time.
In Jesus name we pray!

Re: Prayer for a young man who had a stroke

Thank you for your prayers. I ask that you continue to pray for this young man . That the doctors find the cause of the stroke to prevent another one . Please pay that God restores him back to healthy life that includes his speech , comprehension , vision and body .