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Use words such as "friend", a "co-worker",  my "mom" etc.  Thank you!

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Prayer Request


I am asking for prayer for the following:
- physical healing and protection from COVID for my family and I
- prayer that the mucous in my throat dissolves
- prayer for abdominal pain and cramps
- prayer for my family and I to be saved fr
- stop smoking weed
- rebuild a true relationship with God
- pray I learn how to be real with everybody
- guidance
-healthy heart
-prayers for my mom and aunt to be saved
-prayers to reconnect with my brother. That he is saved and no longer an atheist.
-strong lungs
-breath in my body
-not to lie
-not to steal
-strength to not have pre marital sex
- discover gifts
-to not give up on God
-stay still
-Zuquantae- he is being released from prison in August. Pray that God allows him hear truth and that he responds. I pray for a peace of heart and mind regarding pending transfer and discharged.
-My son would like prayer for:
-success in online schooling. Wisdom to understand the material. Wisdom on how to complete assignments and the courage to speak up.
- Peace In household
- Courage
-Save his soul
-not to lie
-not to steal

Re: Prayer Request

Praying for God‘s will to be done and that he will save your soul as you totally submit yourself onto him praying for your family for salvation for and mercy and that God will heal hearts relationships in mind And bodies, and give understanding and wisdom

Re: Prayer Request


It is our desire that GOD will have HIS way inside of your cry , and HE will answer as you humbly seek HIS face. Our Father, who is the sovereign one is able to do all things, and HE is faithful to respond to your cry, all according to HIS will and purpose. There is nothing too hard or impossible for HIM to do. He cannot and will not fail you. I will be Praying for you regarding these your desires, believing that the Father will answer. If you would like someone from our Ministry to contact you personally, please reply with your contact information. Also let us know when the Father answers your Prayer so we can Praise HIM with you. Be encouraged and keep believing.