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My cousin seems to be dying from Alzheimer’s.

Her daughter says she is fading away.
She’s with her husband at home.
She never believed in Jesus.
But God!
Pray for salvation.

Re: My cousin seems to be dying from Alzheimer’s.

Oh father I pray that you would heal father according to your loving kindness. please do not pass her by oh God, please let your mercy flow into her life oh God. Touch her family, visit them God please do not pass them but let your hand of love be upon them oh God. I ask you Father that you would give her the space to repent oh God forgive her sins oh God please let her know you, allow her mind to think upon you God to behold you Father that she may humble her self before you and believe on Jesus. Have mercy oh God allow your mercy to flood her home right now oh God. heal her heart and fill her with your spirit. Please don't let her leave here without a true experience of your sweet grace and mercy! In The name of Jesus Christ amen!