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Prayer for my mind

Since the revival, I have been so blessed by God and His love. What I have been noticing is that every time I pray or praise God there is a tug in me almost like a weight. When I speak on the goodness of God to others or even to myself there is a constant voice going against that so much so that it is a big distraction. I can hardly focus on God even though my heart is crying out to him. I try and cast down the thoughts but it seems overbearing and is very discouraging to me. I do not want to miss God because of this thing I feel is coming to distract me. Please pray that God would deliver my mind from this and give me peace of mind to serve him freely. Thank you for your prayers.

Re: Prayer for my mind

Dear Shanitia,

It is our desire that GOD will have HIS way in meeting you inside of this situation which is deeply troubling your soul. Our Father is the sovereign one, and HE is able to do all things, according to HIS will, without failing. I will be Praying for you, regarding this situation, believing that HE will answer. If you would like someone from our Ministry to contact you personally, please reply with your contact information. Also let us know when The Father answers your Prayer , so that we can Praise HIM with you. Be encouraged, keep on trusting and believing HIM.