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Morning from 2007 when I was diagnose with having diabetes; I have been literally a walking time bomb. Brought in emergency room with sugar reading of almost 900. Being told why are you not dead or in a coma. God said no I will not allow it. Over the course of months I would of been in the hospital several time in DKA a level of diabetes resulting g in high reading. Recently for past years I have been days unresponsive with sugar reading or between 20, 28, 32, 45, 55, 60 and have been tendered unconscios and being drench in the fluid from my body. Again being told why are you are alive? Or the state that you came in we thought you would not come back but God had other plans for me and said no. About five years ago I think I would of fell out and hit my head the doctors found out that I have a cyst in my brain the size of a tennis ball and suggested that I have a surgery to guide a shunt from the back of my ear too the front of my brain to drai the fluid; and the chances of this cyst coming back is a great possibility. I never got the surgery. Now I recently have been observing my eyes being swollen along with my feet. I finally went to the hospital and was told all signs leads to my kidneys shutting although they are still test pending as to the reason whether it’s due to diabetes or hypension and ultimately the severity of the damage and if it can be treated. I only write my story to help those in my situation who has been ostersize because no one took the time to search out information and choose to assume and cast blame. This disease although I have been told is not a death sentence but having two cousin who have already died young from it I beg to differ. I have experience a whole lot some of it alone because boo understanding was shown many times I let go due to circumstances and situation but God had the final say and said no way. I am still going through but am not giving up. Join me in prayer for my situation and those like me who have no one fighting for them that feel alone. Thank you