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Pray for the persecuted Christians

The persecution of Christians is vastly expanding. Here is some information which I received recently that can guide our prayers.

"Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani was brutally beaten, his son tasered, as Youcef was carted off to a notoriously brutal Iranian prison. Christian mom Asia Bibi still languishes on death row, facing execution by hanging in Pakistan. Christians are mercilessly slaughtered in Nigeria – jihadists even posing as preachers to gun down unsuspecting worshippers.

Christian kids have been banned from going to church in China. Christians who have been forced to flee jihadist genocide in Syria and Iraq – slaughtered for their faith –

The brutality is stark. We’ve never seen anything like it – the barbarity, the evil, the carnage, the unending nightmare of persecution."

Please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Lord that their faith stand strong in face of these tribulations.