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Re: Marj Hedley

It is with great sadness I have to announce the death of Marjorie Hedley on 4th July.As yet we have no information on the funeral etc. but it will probably be at Swindon crematorium.
A lot of you may not know Marjorie was the wife of Walter Hedley,or as we knew him,Wally Hedley.The information I have from Tom Knight is he was a band boy with Norman Wisdom in 1936.He was promoted to RSM about 1951 and was RSM when I joined the regiment in November 1953.I remember him as a very smart,dapper gentleman but still an RSM.He was commisioned on 1st January 1957 when we were in Aqaba.Tom seems to think he is pretty certain Walter retired from the army in 1967 and he had certainly retired by the time we amalgamated with the 11th which as you know was 1969.We think he died about 1982 which is young by today's standards.
As soon as I have any further information on Marjorie's funeral I will let you know.

Re: Re: Marj Hedley

The funeral of Marjorie Hedley will take place on Friday 13th July at 11am at Kingsdown Crematorium,Stratton St.Margaret,Swindon.