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Re: Deliverance

Dear Haley,
There is absolutely no need to apologize for what you have called a long list of many requests. We are here to join with you inside of prayer. Haley, we hear your heart's cry for deliverance from fear, disobedience, doubt, unbelief, anger, negativity and witchcraft, and that you wish to serve God wholeheartedly. As Intercessors, it is our desire that God will have His way in meeting you inside of this prayer for deliverance from all these things and bring Salvation with the infilling of the Holy Spirit who is the Sovereign One able to do all things according to His will without failing. I have begun to pray for these concerns and will continue praying for you regarding these several concerns, believing that the Father will answer. If you would like someone from our Ministry to contact you personally, please reply back with your contact information. Or alternatively, I am suggesting prayerfully that you may wish to go to lifesavers.org and connect with someone from our ministry. Also let us know when the Father answers your prayers so that we can praise Him together with you. Be encouraged and keep believing

Re: Deliverance

Thank you and I can give my contact info, but can I do it through email? What's your email?God bless you guys.

Re: Deliverance

We thank God Haley that you have decided to have someone from our ministry to further assist you. You can email lifesavers.org
You can leave your information there and someone will contact you. Be bless