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Re: US Presidential Election

Change for the sake of change is a hollow statement after looking at their speeches in . Obama and his wife (Remember the other Democrat First Lady) only want to raise taxes and entitlements. Blaming Bush for the actions of a Democrat driven congress, without proposing anything except "change for the sake of change" shows why Obama is know as "The Hollow Man." Your asssumption that Repubs want Status-Quo tells me you are listening to the left-media instead of finding out the facts for yourself. Where did any Repub say they wanted to return to slavery? Your statements are racists and hateful and void of facts. You must be part of the YouTooB croud that goes on what is fun to parrot instead of intellegent information. No Obama and "Mama Obama" will make chages alright, they will take all the bad we have seen over the last 8 years, and make those aspects worse. (Unless you like socialism and communism to become a replacement government for our Republic.) Yes, we are a Republic, not a democracy, by design. Read what our founding fathers said about "democracy" and you will learn why it doesn't work, as proven by the Democrats congress activities over the last 10 years, and exactly what Obama and company want to increase to the detrement of all our citizens. GO back to your YouTooB cronies and entertain yourselves with rehtoric, lies, misinformation and total lack of understanding the big picture.