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US Presidential Election

I would like to know your thoughts on the upcoming election in the USA.
Furthermore,if Bush is successful and wins a second term,what will this mean for the world and more importantly Iraq?

Re: US Presidential Election

Im curious to the upcoming elections, I want to see if Kerry can make it by Bush. I do not support Bush, but I won't slandder him becasue that just makes for unessisary anger. If he is elected into a second term then I suspect there would be higher health rates for americans, a few civil liberties cuts in the name of sercuity. probaly end up in a new war againt the muslim extremeists that will only serve to strenghen thir support among the middle east and to sink americas relationship with other forgein nations. probaly more embarrgos agaisnt countrys that do not meet "the standards of liberaty", I.E cuba. possibly lead to teh deaths of more yong american soldeirs needlessly. leading to the apperance of U.S Imperialism when its a country that (i hope) is tired of war and wishing to return to peace to help the peoples of the world have a better future for the common good. BUsh might have a real problem with Iraq is he doesn't adapt and see that no mater how they try, the point of view of the amercan army there is that it is occupying, and the more is their only serves to feul more anti-americanism.

I could go on but im rebomaling, and i keep that speech preaty mild, and if you geussed, yes Im a communist. But please don't dismiss me right away becasue of it, im new and woudl look forward hopefully to some good debates.

Re: US Presidential Election

Naturally I'm behind Kerry 100%.

But I beleive the more realistic prediction is that aliens will come down from space and bring world peace as far as any kind of favourable conclusion in Iraq is concerned, the troops can only lose so many and the public stomach so much and the likes of Al Sadr and Co. aren't going to let up for any kind of compromise or concession or change in enemy leadership.

If Bush gains another term it can only get worse seeing as his administration (if it is indeed his) only panders to the seemingly self contradictory union between corporate libertarianism and repressive moralism while waving and flags and shouting "they're all out to get us!" at any other republican who doesn't fall into that grouping.

Re: US Presidential Election

I'm pleased that Kerry is doing better on the back of his performance in the debate with Bush.Quite frankly if you can't beat Bush in a debate you don't deserve to be president.I thought Bush came across as foolish and desperate.
I hope Kerry wins this election as I fear for world politics with Bush at the helm for another four years.Who knows what he would do if he wins a second term......

Re: US Presidential Election

The Bush administration has probably been one of the worst of the american history for many aspects.
Nevertheless, the democrat candidate is probably the worst candidate I have seen ever in the american history. That s why Bush will probably win again.
Kerry is not capable to follow a program, to have a coherent speech, to express a clear idea of what he thinks or what he wants. he is pathetic.
Everybody have tried to help him :Clinton,Gore,Michael Moore,Carter,Spielberg, Hillary Clinton, etc etc.
I dont really understand how american chose him during the primary elections. Kerry is the only candidate who could be defeated by Bush. It is sad,but this is the quality of the two candidates to be the next american president.

Re: US Presidential Election

Yes you make a fair point.Alot of people seem to be of the opinion that Kerry's greatest strength is that he's not Bush......

Re: US Presidential Election

Two third party presidential candidates were arrested on the evening of the second debate at 8:30pm before and in front of the debates in protest of the Commission on Presidential Debates for not including 3rd party candidates. Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party and David Cobb of the Green Party chose civil disobedience to fight the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Over half of Americans believe third party candidates should be included, yet politicians continue to funnel public funds into the bi-partisan Commission. Police lines were used to deny the will of the American people while the major media institutions ignored this historic event.

You would think that Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and the metro newspapers would be all over this story, but no, not a peep.

The American media is often referred to as the fourth branch of government, part of our checks and balance system, which has seriously fallen off the job. With one third of America registered as something other than Republican or Democrat, this is a complete disservice to democracy. We are not being told the news; we are being told what the powers want us to hear.

Again, I liked to express my sincere concerns with this matter.
I am 44 years old, a father, a husband, a veteran, and very proud to be an American!
How can it America....that candidates for the President of the United States can be
arrested ....and virtually no word of it is mentioned in the media?
How can it America....that a lawsuit is filed to force the Commission on Presidential Debates
to include third party candidates or change venues....and virtually no word of it is mentioned in the media?

Mark S. Eckert

Sunrise, FL 33323

AP Story of Arrests

Sequence of Events from the arrest

Re: US Presidential Election

The editor of this forum, you are greatly dissapointing me.

1. Please google the word "bushisms", you will get TONS of quotes proving just how coherent Mr. Bush is.

2. Watch the documentary on Kerry, and his roots in politics during the Vietnam war. He is a great public speaker and lead masses of war veterans and common people while having no political affiliation. He appeared on a host of television shows broadcast all over the country and in front of the US congress while being a "nobody", and people listened to him just because he could voice his thoughts and opinions so well!!!!!

Re: US Presidential Election

The content of the Kerry's idea was zero.
He had no economical plans nor political ideas.
That s why he lost an election he could win.

Re: US Presidential Election

Change for the sake of change is a hollow statement after looking at their speeches in . Obama and his wife (Remember the other Democrat First Lady) only want to raise taxes and entitlements. Blaming Bush for the actions of a Democrat driven congress, without proposing anything except "change for the sake of change" shows why Obama is know as "The Hollow Man." Your asssumption that Repubs want Status-Quo tells me you are listening to the left-media instead of finding out the facts for yourself. Where did any Repub say they wanted to return to slavery? Your statements are racists and hateful and void of facts. You must be part of the YouTooB croud that goes on what is fun to parrot instead of intellegent information. No Obama and "Mama Obama" will make chages alright, they will take all the bad we have seen over the last 8 years, and make those aspects worse. (Unless you like socialism and communism to become a replacement government for our Republic.) Yes, we are a Republic, not a democracy, by design. Read what our founding fathers said about "democracy" and you will learn why it doesn't work, as proven by the Democrats congress activities over the last 10 years, and exactly what Obama and company want to increase to the detrement of all our citizens. GO back to your YouTooB cronies and entertain yourselves with rehtoric, lies, misinformation and total lack of understanding the big picture.