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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Re: Triple crown

Church you can defend the St. Louis tournaments if you want to that is your god given right, and no one ever complained about the St. Louis teams or the level of competition they provide, but dont try to come down on the teams that feel they have been mislead, or cheated with misimformation, you are on this board everyday, but that doesnt make your opinion gold, the tournament director was asked several questions prior to the tournament,on this board and on the phone, for instance were there two divisions, was it a triple crown, and so forth, St louis has good ball fields and great teams I cant stress that enough, but right is right and wrong is wrong, and if the information was clear, some un-sponsored teams would have saved their St. louis trip for the Nelly tournament, not a disappearing triple crown, two divisions oh now that you are here its one division, B/S tournament like that one, like I said in a earlier post on the subject my biggest satifaction was meeting and playing against the Browns,.....Dennis Davison North Chicago Ballers #25