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Video blow out

Hi all, im selling a lot of 130 vhs tapes for 75.00 the titles are to many to list, but some are rugrats,silence of the lambs, seed 1 and 2. and many many more. if you want to call me and ask for 1 or 2 will sell them 1 by 1 if i have to . call me if intrested. i posted this also and the gogo clasifeds. so call me now for your videos.

tiffiny 440-350-9188 or my cell 440-376-4367

Re: Video blow out

I should call your parents and tell them you're putting their personal information on the internet.... or maybe just stop by...


Re: Re: Video blow out

ok first gee wizz looser freak. you prob know me, because you know my uncle and you know were i live because you prob ate dinner here. you know im right. second i only gave my phone number out and how did you know what you knew if you did not know me. so shut up you looser