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Johnny Haines

It is with the greatest regret I have just been informed of the passing of John(Johnny)Haines, age 81.He collapsed following a heart attack while on holiday in Menorca on 1st June. His body is being flown home today 8th June.The funeral will take place on 22nd June at 11.30am at St.Mary's Church,Winterbourne,Salisbury,
As far as we know,John lived alone and his neighbour,Mr David Aitkin,used to keep an eye on him.Mr Aitkin is anxious to ask as many members of the regiment as possible to to attend the funeral.When he was chatting to John he always talked of the regiment so obviously he was very proud of it and I would second that.At the request of Mr Aitkin any members in that neck of the woods who knew John or indeed any members of the 10th Hussars family,please attend the funeral and give him a good send off.He would be very proud.We are sending the regimental flag for his coffin and flowers on behalf of the 10th Royal Hussars.As you know not everyone is on the web,so please spread the word.

Re: Johnny Haines

Whjen I wrote of the death of John Haines I inadvertently assumed Mr Aitkin was a neighbour.I have since discovered he was in fact John's nephew.My apologies to Mr Aitkin.

Re: Re: Johnny Haines

Further to the previous message regarding the funeral arrangements for John Haines.St Mary's church is in Winterbourne GUNNER,

Re: Re: Re: Johnny Haines

I received a letter this morning from Home HQ Preston regarding the funeral arrangements for John Haines.The details sent by Home HQ are incorrect.When I received the letter I immediately contacted Mr David Aitkin,John's nephew.He explained what had gone wrong.It was due to complications with John's wife's grave where John wished to be buried.My advice,on Mr Aitkin's instructions,is to ignore the Home HQ letter
and adhere to the information I sent previously i.e.service and burial at St.Mary's Church,Winterbourne Gunner ,at 1130hours,22nd June.
I cannot contact Capt.Cornish until Monday morning.I will then explain what has happened over the weekend.
Mr Aitkin is trying desperately to get a bugler for John's funeral.Can anyone help,please?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Johnny Haines

I received an email from Tom Knight who attended Johnny Haines funeral.He said there was a big turn-out of 10th Hussars.The church was very tiny and a lot had to stand.The family seemed very pleased with the response of the regiment.There was a large gathering at the local pub afterwards which Johnny would have appreciated.