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Ron Chatwin

It is with deep regret that I must inform members of the Shiners Club of the passing of a good old friend for over 50 years,Ron Chatwin.Ron and Annelise have been my friends for over 50 years,He was a kind and gentle man who never had a bad word for anyone,he only saw the good in people,one of nature's gentlemen.Ron and Annelise did not have any family and as such it makes it very difficult for her.
Annelise phoned this afternoon 5th March, and said Ron had died early this morning and she was naturally very upset.He had a chest infection for about 4 weeks and he was taken in to hospital but his heart could not cope with it.She said Ron always spoke of the Shiners and Flog.As they had no family,when she phoned she did not know where to turn,they have a distant niece who is coming from Kent tomorrow. I was the first person she rang and asked me to phone everyone.As a result,at Annelise request,I have sent the regimental flag for Ron's coffin,and in turn I have informed Home Headquarters at Preston and Winchester.At the request of Ron's good lady there should be no flowers.What she would like is a good turn out of old comrades.
The funeral will be held on Thursday 15th March at 2pm at Yeovil Crematorium.I have informed several people who have assured me they will spread the word.It is not a subject I like putting on the web but if you are in that neck of the woods please give Ron a good send-off and as I said earlier Annelise is alone and an arm round her shoulders would not go amiss.