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Hello II Trp, B Sqdn

I joined in Nov. '59, did my basic with 3DG at Waitworth Lines, Catterick, and then went to Barker Barracks, Paderborn as part of II Trp, B Sqdn. I remember good times with Burt Pye, Frank Henson, Ron Jones, Harry Garlick and Dave Clarke. Is there anyone out there ? Drop me an e - mail.....

Re: Hello II Trp, B Sqdn

Hello Tony,
I too did basic training at 3DG then went on to XRH at Paderborn.
I remember you,and of course Scouse Pye, Frank Henson and others.
I was on Lt. Grevil Malet`s tank in 1st troop, with Geordie Wilde, driver and Willy Williamson Gunner.
If I recall dave Clarke was also a scouse.
It`s would be nice to meet some of the old crowd again.

Alan herbert

Re: Re: Hello II Trp, B Sqdn

Herbie, just been going through the old messages and saw yours ref tony buckley. i was in 2nd troop on joining the tenth in sept 1960 and remember the names you have mentioned, though i cant place you. i was the gunner on jeff rileys crew, frank henson was the operator and taffy prince the driver. my 1st exercise was on spearpoint were your troop were led into the bog by mr malet and our tank was sent in from the other end to come to your aid. in which we became bogged down and spent the rest of the exercise being hauled out. fond memories. i am still in contact with willie williamson he now lives insouthern ireland and works delivering milk. we meet up on occasions when he comes over to blighty. were you with the tenth doing national service? best wishes and a happy xmas and a happy new year. robbo

Re: Hello II Trp, B Sqdn

I have been trying to e-mail some pics to you but keep getting mail cant be delivered, is it me or you?