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Re: 10 H Vehicle WD Numbers

Hi smiler here, regarding vehicle numbers I managed to trace my old Comet tank T334964 10th Hussars 1950 history through to scrap with the help of Alan Tizzard Phone 0288598378 Robin Cottage 220 Kingsground Eltham SE9 5EW

I think he has Log Books I hope this helps sorry obout the delay, Regards Smiler.

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Replying to:

Dear Sirs -

Please excuse this intrusion, but having just seen your Web Site I was wondering if you could perhaps help me in a small project I am trying to get off the ground ?

I am attempting to list all tank/tracked vehicle WD (Census) numbers - the so-called T- & CT- series of numbers. These were found on all vehicles and corresponded to the manufacturing contract numbers. What I am trying to do is list these numbers by unit and sub unit.

As an example:

CT. 211825 -

Sherman V (M4A4) - Contract S/M.1046 - A Sqn, 10th Canadian Armoured Regiment (Fort Garry Horse) -

(Jun/Jul 45 - Veh no. from FGH returns to No.2 Canadian AFV Backloading Park - Nijmegen/Arnhem area, Holland - Merlin Robinson Archive via FGH Museum)

To that end, I was wondering if any members had any archival material that listed the Regiment's war time vehicle numbers. Often lists were noted in the War Diaries and/or their appendicies. There might also be material in any regimental museum or other archive. If it were at all possible, may I have copies of such lists ? I will, of course, publicly note within the list the origin of all material as above. Any material, printed, photocopied or scanned would be of the utmost help and I will - of course - reimburse any expenses incurred.

Thanking you in hope and anticipation

Roderick de Normann

Tinkfield House


Wiltshire SN10 3HU

United Kingdom

(Ex RH/KRH 1979-1993)