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Memorial Flagpole

John (Paddy) Hewitt, who we all owe so much to for the Memorial, told me this evening that the flagpole is due to for erection next week. This means that the XRH Regimental flag should be flying for the Queens visit next month. I know Paddy has had a lot of expence, and is still looking for donations to ensure that there will be flags for the future. Also to help defray some of the expences he has run up doing this job for all of us, mundane items like his telephone bill, so come on all those who missed out on the memorial, do your bit now, make a donation to the flags or to Paddy for his out of pocket expences. While on the subject how about a thankyou to him from us at the Shiners Dinner in October? He is not on the net so he should not find out unless someone blabs.

Re: Memorial Flagpole

my name is stacey, i am the daughter in law of ken and sandra thomas (i have to put with up so much!!!!!!!)anyway getting old as they are, they have lost your phone no, i would be greatfull if you could email me and i will pass it on, thank you

personal message from the old one.......what if!