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XRH 1939/45 and early 60's

Hello all XRH. My dad and myself served with the Regiment, he Alf Palmer sometimes called 'Peddler' during World War II in Africa with the 8th Army and up through Italy and myself briefly in 60's. He has now passed away in a house fire but if anyone remembers him please contact me. I will post some pictures of him and myself at a later date.

Great site chaps wish I had found it before.

Re: XRH 1939/45 and early 60's

Although your message is two years old I hope you get to read this. you dad Alf is my nan's brother, Hilda Harvey nee Palmer, unfortunatly she has passed away too. I have a pic of Alf's Sherman tank sinking into bomb crater full of treacle when he was in Argenta, I expect you've seen it!