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Stockport reunion

Have just received a disturbing phone call today 27th January at 1530 hours from the Acton Court hotel stating they are closing down at the end of the month.(Don't forget the deposits you have paid)I asked various questions but no reasons were given.It has put me in quite a quandary bearing in mind the good run we have had at the Acton Court with prices etc.I rang round and the only hotel in that area which can accommodate us is the Alma Lodge telephone 0161 483 4431,some of you may be familiar with it.I asked for a quote for the meal which we normally have and they quoted me the following prices,£5.25 per head for sandwiches on Friday night and £23.00 per head for dinner Saturday,and the prices in the bar are slightly dearer than those at the Acton Court,so the cost of the sandwiches and dinner is £56.50 per couple plus accommodation,which I would suggest is an expensive weekend.Bearing in mind the price we paid at the Acton Court has been around the same level for 25 years I suppose we cannot complain on that score.As regards anyone who stays at the Acton Court you will have to re-book your accommodationand ask for the return of your deposit.The Alma Lodge says they can accommodate us.I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.I am going to Stockport tomorrow to check it out.
Other than the Acton Court bombshell there is nothing on the grapevine to report.