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What is your favorite Santos trail?
Cow Bone
Dr. Ruth
Bunny Trail
Spider Kingdom
49th Ave
484 Trail (to be named)
none of the above

Are you in favor of the current trail expansion, west of the I-75 Landbridge?
What trail expansion?
Don't care

The Office of Greenways and Trails would like a coast-to-coast trail system. Are you in favor of that?
Don't care

What do you like most about the improved Santos Trailhead?
The pavilions
The improvements to the entrance road
The landscaping
The parking area
All of the above
Nothing. I wish they left it the way it was

What would you like added to the Santos Trailhead?
Put in the campsite!
Shower facilities
Bike stands/racks
Better signage
Other. There's no fill-in-the blank feature. Email us on this one

What changes or improvements would you like to see in the Santos trail system?
Trail-name signs
Mileage markers
Directional signs
Make improvements to existing trails
Add new trails
Build more stunt structures, ie. bridges, jumps, ramps, etc
Nothing. It's fine the way it is
Other. There's no fill-in-the blank feature. Email us on this one

How often do you ride at Santos
Once a week
More than once a week
Once a month
A few times a year

What event would you most like to attend?
BBQ at the Santos Trailhead
Poker Run
Long distance group ride. Santos to 484 trail and back
Other. There's no fill-in-the blank feature. Email us on this one
None of the above. I prefer to just ride

Would you be willing to help out with one of the above events?
If you bribe me with free food and gifts

If you've never volunteered for trailwork, what's the primary reason?
I never have any free time
I don't know what's involved. I'd like more information first
I'm not the "get involved" type
I'd rather pay my 20 bucks to be a member, and leave the work to someone else
I have no tools
No one's asked me
Manual labor just isn't my thang
I can't ride my bike if I'm trimming trails!
I'm afraid I'll break a nail

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