Weekly Survey

Are you a registered Independent ?
No but I consider myself an Independent.

What most closely defines your position as an Independent?
Vote for both Republican's and Democrats.
Don't like either Republican or Democrat Party Lines.
There is no clear definition between Republican and Democrat's anymore.
I would prefer to have a candidate that does not follow a party line in lockstep.
I'm tired and disgusted with the Good Ol' Boy Clubs.
The two major parties are only interested in staying in office not in the country or the people.
Both major parties are clueless about what Americans want or need.

As a voter, are you .....
Politically active
Politically interested but have no one to vote FOR.
Think politics are very important but don't see a lot of change no matter what I do.
Looking for a political idea that I can feel comfortable about.
Politically curious and vote the way my friends do.
Politically curious but don't vote even though I am registered.
Just curious but have never voted.
Unable to vote anyway.

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