Our little community where you can come to check on events and classes, a forum to talk about Hawaiian- style quilting; and even pretty, printable pages so you can keep your own journal.
The basics of making a Hawaiian quilt masterpiece. Even a free pattern to start you off and new free patterns from time to time and a little Hawaiian quilt history.
 Where we will show off our Hawaiian quilt masterpieces and invite you to show off yours.
This is what allows us to offer all the good free things on this site to you. We, of course, hope you will visit it often to see a multitude of our own items for sale - including books and patterns and gift items.
Our delightful Cafe Shop offers wonderful gift ideas, such as coffee mugs, tile coasters, teeshirts, and so much more.  All with original Hawaiian Quilt designs by Elizabeth Root and the wonderful art of Tammy Yee.
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