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Amish Christmas Jaunt planned for this Friday

Hey Gang,
It will be a game day decision if I can attend the Amish Christmas Jaunt planned for this Friday. I have a lingering sinus infection that it may be best not to stand outside in the elements.

Others are planning to attend such as Walt and his family, Paul and Mike and Malinda also said they would like to go sooooooooooo maybe if I don't you can still car pool without me.

Here are the link to the parade. For some reason on this forum it does not hyperlink the links so copy and paste them to your search engine.

The Berlin Nativity Parade takes place this Friday at 5:45 pm

I was going to take 77 south then exit at 39 west and 39 goes through other Amish towns such as Sugar Creek then onto Berlin. Total distance on this route would be about 97 miles and 1 hour 45 minutes

OR just Map-quest to take 271 south towards Berlin.

Call me with any questions
Gotta GoGo,