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North Coast Info Quest

Get ready for this coming Saturday, May 3rd, when North Coast Info Quest (formerly the Parma Coast to Coast Discussion Group) proudly presents Craig Jacocks.

After a long absence from speaking on the subject of UFOs and Alien Abduction, Craig Jacocks returns to NCIQ to speak about recent experiences and his own new personal perspective on his encounters. He is now in the midst of writing his follow-up to "Aware Of Their Presence." Many things have changed with Craig since he last spoke with us. If you've seen him speak before, you know Craig shares very specific information about his experience and is not shy about doing so. While he understands the apprehension many abductees have about going public or opening up to others, he goes forward hoping that his honesty will help others open up or understand their own experiences.

Craig will also leave ample time for any questions toward the end of the meeting. If you have not seen Craig before, be ready for an interesting and informative evening.

We will be meeting at the Parma Denny's Restaurant at W150th and I 71. We will start the meeting PROMPTLY at 8:00, so please arrive PRIOR to this time (by 7:30) to allow for time to order and receive food. Thanks in advance for your cooperation