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Please do not use the names of those you want prayer for or your post may be deleted. 

Use words such as "friend", a "co-worker",  my "mom" etc.  Thank you!

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Re: Requesting Prayer

Dear Avril,

Thank you for entrusting your Prayer request to us. It is our desire that GOD will have HIS way in meeting you and your brother in CHRIST, inside this Prayer that is inside your heart. Our Father, who is the Sovereign One is able to do all things, according to HIS will, without failing. I am asking HIM to visit your brother's ( in CHRIST ) situation and fill every need, according to HIS plan and purpose, therein. I also ask that HE strengthen, encourage and guide, with mercy, love and HIS divine wisdom, everyone involved. This may be a difficult season, but nothing is too hard, or difficult for our GOD, and I am believing for HIS answer to it all. If you would like someone, from our Ministry, to contact your friend, personally, please have him reply to us, with his contact information. Also please let us know when the Father answers your Prayer, for the situation, so that we can praise HIM together. Encourage your friend to keep trusting and believing GOD. Glorify GOD through it all.