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Marriage and Homosexuality

Hello All! I want to thank you for the prayers that you have been sending up this far! Things have been really bumpy that last couple of weeks. We are interacting more, he hasn't filed for divorce (he claims he is working on it but hasn't) and we have actually spent time doing things together. There is a lot of "we" and "us" but he is still actively engaging in the homosexual lifestyle but also coming home every night to me. There is a lot less of him going out and more of him being home and interacting with me. I fully believe that is the Lord at work. I believe that he wants our marriage to work and that we needed this storm to open up our eyes. I am just becoming very weary and its getting harder not to be mad and upset with him. The more he is home the more I am beginning to resent him. I need help with making these feeling go away and more now than ever I need the continuous prayer to save my marriage. I believe there is still hope; I am just growing weary. So prayer for my husband, my self, our marriage and our souls would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Marriage and Homosexuality

your more than welcome my sister i pray that God will continually strengthen and his will be done in your life. God bless