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Old Newfolden Pictures

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Old Newfolden Pictures
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Message from Canada.

Hi to all,I enjoyed checking out this site and seeing where my Ancestors once lived,worked walked and played,I have never been to Newfolden but its where my roots lie.I am a descendant of Charley Sampson and Anna Jorgenson(Gr Gr Granddaughter)and also of John.L. Stokke and Johanna Olson Sampson/Stokke(I am their Gr Granddaughter.My Granddad Julius Stokke immigrate to Canada and thats where i fit in,but i've been learning his brothers and sisters and parents,did not.So is there anyone out there that are descendants of.....
1.Anna Stokke
2.Louis Stokke
3.Hjalmer Stokke
4.Hilda Stokke
5.Anges Stokke
6.Arthur Stokke
If so,then we are related.It may be distant,but we branched from the same two Norwiegans that immigrated here in 1882.
I'll sign off on this note now and i'de be glad to hear from yas to learn more about a place and its ppl that i never had a chance to know or meet.
Take care,