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Old Newfolden Pictures
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Bjorsness relatives

I am looking for some ancestors who emigrated to the US. They were siblings and born in Norway. Their birth name was Bjørsnes, but I believe that they changed it to Bjorsnes when they reached the US. Ingebrigt Bjørsnes was born in 1885 of the parents Ingebrigt Johansen Sandnes and Magdalene Ingebrigtsdatter Sandnes. Ingebrigt Johansen Sandnes was the son of Johan Andreas Ingebrigtsen Sandnes and Marit Hansdatter.
Ingebrigt Bjørsnes came to Minnesota in 1901 and later moved to California. He married and had at least three children.
His younger sister Ingeborg was born in 1896. I am not sure when she emigrated from Norway. She was last registered in Westminster, Orange County, California and died in Los Angeles in June 1973. I believe she remained unmarried.
I really do hope that somebody can provide me with some more information about these persons and hopefully of the descendants of Ingebrigt Bjørsnes.