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Yes the Regiment is one in the same the 10th royal hussars was the prince of wales own rac means the corps in which it was part of ie The Royal armoured corps all that has been left out is pwo the site you found is the one the regiment amalgomated in 1969 the regiment became the Royal hussars then in 92 became the kings royal hussars just follow the site the regimental museum and haedquarters is at winchester in upper barracks they might be able to help you i wish you luck.

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Excuse my ignorance but was the 10th Royal Hussars RAC the same as the 10th Royal Hussars (POW)?

I'm researching my uncle's military career and he was with the 10th RH RAC for some years and was killed 27 May 1940 (commemorated at Dunkirk).

Can anyone reading this point me in the right direction as I'd like to learn more about where and what his unit was doing around the time of his death. Also, we only have one photograph of him and I was wondering if there is somewhere or someone I could approach who may have access to photographic records of his unit at this time or earlier.

Thanks in advance for any help given.