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William A Turner Pte, 10828 Tenth (PWO) Royal Hussars

Hi There,
I am researching the life of the above named soldier whose medals I acquired some years ago. These are WW1 trio all marked name, rank, number and reg, the Army LS&GC Geo 5 with bar Regular Army, The WW2 Defence Medal and the 1935 Geo V Jubilee medal.I have scant documentation but, for what it is worth here it is:
(1) A photo of Turner, in uniform, with the comment "Outside my stables, Cairo, April 1930.
(2) A fragment from British Military Hospital, Lucknow, India, November 1936, quoting, as an aside, Jack Miller, Lt Col 14/20 Kings Hussars
(3) A letter, dated 9/5/1917 from 10 (PWO) Royal Hussars Association sec Mrs Mackenzie, to Pte Turner:
"I am so glad you are getting on well and not very seriously wounded - I am afraid I can't tell you very much about the casualties but (?)send a list of those whose names were sent to me-I have a good many letters from those who are only slightly wounded. I am afraid there are more at home.[...] It must have been (?)tyring out 4 (?)days with a wounded leg"
(4) A sort of autograph collection from the Inter Regimental Polo Tournament, Meerut, India, March 1933
(5) WW1 Service Medal and Award Roll

There we are. The obvious questions arise:
(a) Where and when was he born / baptized / married/ die
(b) His WW1 activities
(c) The circumstances of his receiving wounds
(d) His involvement in WW2
(e) indeed, anything else of relevance that could flesh out the life of this old soldier.
Thanking you for any help that might be forthcoming,
Bill (Edwards)