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Assistance please

I wonder if someone could help me please. Along with several of my brothers, I am looking to take my father for a trip back to
his former barracks in Iserlohn. My father is Corporal Bill Slatter of XRH. I’m hoping some of the more senior members of the site may remember my Dad. Bill is now 88 years young, perhaps not as fast as he was in his boxing days, but still shows all the fighting spirit. We would like to take him back to revisit his past glories & hopefully hear a few tales from his past he could never mention in front of my Mum. From my research so far it looks as though XRH were in Epsom barracks. Bill however is convinced they were housed outside of Iserlohn on the way to Hemer. I would hate to go that distance and not get it right.
I am also looking for help to potentially get on site. I dont know where to start with this. I have endlessly sat listening to music on the army sites.
I am assuming its still a functioning barracks?
I would like to speak to someone who could potentially assist me in getting the location correct & any other help with access.

I appreciate this is a strange request.

Please accept Bill’s best wishes to all those former colleagues he used to visit at the reunion dinners etc. I hope everyone is well.


Richard Slatter ( one of Bill’s 5 sons)

Re: Assistance please

Richard, as I did not receive a reply to my last email with information about Iserlohn, I take it no further action is required