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Re: Obituary

Ron Fletcher
I was informed yesterday,19th October,of the death of Brian Glancy-Hockley early Tuesday morning.He was in a nursing home,they went to wake him and apparently he had died in his sleep.I have no details of funeral arrangements and exact cause of death at this moment.As far as I know he did his 22 years and to my knowledge he spent all his time in the Officers Mess.I may be wrong but if so I am sure someone will correct me.I will up-date when I have any further information.
God bless Glancy
we took the micky out of you when you changed your name from plain hockley and said who do you think you are a BL---- Officer.
I was Glancys Replacement in Oct 1968 he never came back I came back from Lulworth and he went on Posting. not as a Royal Hussar in the new regiment.

Re: Obituary

Hallo Robert, I read your rather kinder obit of Clancy and you obviously knew him rather better. I have been vainly searching for knews of Capt(1966) Martin Capper-Jackson who was in Munster in 1965 66. Do you have any news of him? I would love to hear any news good or bad. My name was then Maggie Edwards Lt. QARANC