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It is with deep regret I must inform members of the passing of our old friend Brian Searby.Pauline,his dear wife,phoned me early this morning to say Brian had passed away last night in hospital.He had been in hospital quite a while and to use Pauline's words "he just gave up".
Brian was 77 years old and anyone who has known him over 50 years as I have will know he was a true gladiator of sports in the regiment and as it has been said - life is so cruel when you know what Brian has been through.
I have no information of funeral arrangements as yet.Pauline requested the flag which has been sent down to her,also a bugler.I told her that was a tall order but there are people pulling strings.Anyone who reads this please spread the word to other Shiners and let them know of our sad loss.Will post funeral arrangements as soon as I know.
Regards Ron

Re: Obituary - by Ron Fletcher - Mar 3, 2010 11:11am
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