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Stockport reunion

Once again Stockport was a resounding success.55 sat down for the evening meal on Saturday and about 25 met in the bar on Friday.Th Alma Lodge gave the appearance of a 5 star+ hotel.Zoe(the girl I contacted first when the Acton Court closed)could not do enough to ensure we had a great weekend.She and her staff were very attentive,fussing around.Quite a few of the lads on Sunday morning at breakfast said "why have we not been here before,this is fabulous".The evening meal was excellent to say the least,silver service at its best.The room was immaculately laid out for dinner and for breakfast.Breakfast was self-service with fruit juices,cereals and a very well presented cooked breakfast.
It is a shame we cannot get more of the Swindon people up to Stockport to enjoy our weekend,they really do not know what they are missing.
The dates for next year are Friday 15th and Saturday 16th October 2010.I do not know the date for Swindon but before the next letter I will be in touch with Liz and let you know accordingly.