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I have just been informed of the death of Pete Woods who was a very good old friend of ours.He served in the regiment for many years.Pete had been battling cancer for some years and he looked really well after his operation but the dreaded thing returned.He attended Stockport from day 1 and always said it was the highlight of his year,but the last 2 or 3 years he was too ill to come.
He died at 1.30am on Saturday 25th April at home.His funeral will take place at 11am on Tuesday 5th May at Ford Cemetery, Bootle.His wife,Hilda,has requested the regimental flag for his coffin and any Shiners in the vicinity of Bootle she would love to see there.We are sending flowers from the Shiners Club.Pete's daughter is organising a piper.If anyone knows someone who is not on the Internet and who knew Pete please let them know.Many thanks

Re: Obituary

I have had an email from John Etheridge who attended Pete's funeral and he said (I quote)"It was a very traumatic morning at the burial of our old comrade and Shiner Pete Woods.It was very quiet with just family,close friends and three ex 10th.The cortege was led to the grave side by the piper who preceeded us playing "The Flowers of the Forest",a real tear jerker.A few words were spoken by a good close friend of Pete's before the coffin was lowered.I had a word with Pete's old friend Ray Broadhurst from the Shiners and especially Hilda who held herself very well and thanked us for coming.I felt privileged to be there .John."