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Stockport reunion

Further to my last message.I have been to Stockport this morning and checked out the Alma Lodge and I was very impressed with its decor and sumptuous surroundings.It really is a very nice place.The bar area is adequate to hold us for a couple of hours on Saturday.Next to the bar is where we will be having our Saturday dinner,it is called the Restaurant Suite and there will be square tables seating 8. I was most impressed with the whole surroundings.Please bear in mind the cost of the rooms,double £80.00 and single £45.00 per night which is inclusive of VAT and full English breakfast.My advice is to try and find cheaper accommodation.If you are coming please let me know if you require sandwiches Friday night,as I said before they are £5.25 per head.

Re: Stockport reunion - by Ron Fletcher - Jan 29, 2009 4:04am
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