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First of all, what a great fight. The only thing that marred a great night for boxing was the judge's score cards. I can't believe that they had Lopez ahead on the three cards. I had Salido ahead by a mile. Even in the round he was knocked down, he was dominating with aggression and combinations. I scored that round 10-9 for Lopez. I don't know how these judges can get away with this crap...when the fighter's paydays and future match-ups are on the line. Judges can score a fight whichever way they want, without repercussions or punishments by the Commission-absolute garbage. Thank God he knocked him out and took the bout out of the 'three blind mice' score cards. Come on Officials, get with it.

Re: Salido-Lopez

I agree with ya. Nice to see the guy getting robbed getting the KO once in a while.

JuanManuel Lopez was such a top prospect, I wonder how much fighting at home, in peurto rico, both fights, played into it. Salido is hard to look good against and you don't want to go to war with him...Lopez had so much pressure on him to have a great preformance with all the Mexico Vs PeurtoRico , machismo stuff, the PeurtoRican Fans going nutts...
I wonder if they fought in the States, Lopez might have tried to box and move more.

Salido looked great in almost every round in both fights, so he'd probably beat him again if they fought 3rd time, some guys just have a guys number (Forrest-Mosley/barkley-hearns) just wonder about that kind of pressure at home to preform.