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I notice my name I slips off everyones tongue quite easily on this site. Hey time will tell and you posting this just fuels that kid even more. Whatever your name is we will thank you in advance for being part of the kids success. I do not even visit this site any longer for I have come to realize this is the factory. The factory where they build haters on the assembly line. I no longer fight for my fighters I allow them to do so themselves. I have grown and wish others would allow themselves some growth. I am an old man that wants to enjoy the sport that has brought him so much. By the way I was told by someone that my name was brought up on this site. Hoo-rah, SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!

Re: HATERS......

Lol is this a humble Chris Johnson NOT POSSIBLE

Re: HATERS......

ya manye **** them haters they hating on Hali too and the prince. they ain't have no respect or class and don't recognize the talent when they seee it. i been trying for months to tell them what up but they too dumb like u said all u can do is keep getting wins but i say also keep making that money.

Re: HATERS......

I get a kick out of C-Money, but it's too much, way too much.
A lot of people on here might not visit many other sites other than this one, on the internet. Chingy/C-Money has messed what could have been, many good conversations, by people who love boxing.
Just ignore the kid, and the fake positions he takes, ignore where he says he's from, who he supports, he's a headcase. Trolls just have to be ignored.


Re: HATERS......

Dan you got it right buddy ,c-money/chingy,has turned alot of people off with his ignorance,too bad people like him are allowed to come on these cite's.I for one don't come on as much because of his foolishness.His talk of Tyson[118 lbs]fighting Pascal[175 lbs]shows how little he know's about the sport.Robert and Tyson have enough people riding them without him bringing more grief onto them with his ****.Tyson has an awkward atyle ,sometimes not the prettiest thing to watch ,but he is stepping up his next fight ,we will see whare he is after this tangle.Not every fighter is going to be a Leonard or a Hearn's ,at least he is doing what he like's .

Re: HATERS......

The same Chris Johnson who after a legit injury to an opponents hand stood there dancing and shaking his fat ass laughing. "An old man who loves the sport", how about a conceited piece of trash who got just what he deserved I'n the end. If that kid is smart he will put as much distance as he can between him and Chris, lots of very good trainers out there and ones with class.

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