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Some really good fights out in Quebec this past week. good on these kids they are the future of the sport and the pro's and it looks bright. Got to see Johnsons kid I'n a high pressure situation who he has been crowing about for years and to be honest he is a good fighter but wasent overly impressed. The kid is definately a decent fighter but he has a lot of growing to do. Someone had mentioned him beating Arash up and after seeing his legs shook and stumbling around the ring by a kid with only 13 fights I think it was all bs about. Arash hits real hard and this kids chin isn't that great. I thought he was loosing the championship fight going into the last round and he scored a lot of points In the last 30 seconds very lucky to win and better be handled slowly he defiantly is not what Johnson screams he is thats foresure.
Some other big surprises but on the whole a lot of decent fighters. I thought Irwins kids looked real good and the one who won best youth boxer looked real strong. If the weight was right he is a kid that could give anybody problems.

Re: Nationals

The fighter your talking about is Zsolt Daranyi jr who is 17years old and has a record of 45-2. He is now a 2time youth and won his 1st junior national champion. Congrats to all the fighters. Here is the list of our senior team that will be competing in Brazil for a spot in the olympics.
49kg Emilien Boucher
52kg Kenny Lally
56kg Justin Hocko
60kg Alex Rynn
64kg Yves Ulysse jr
69kg Custio Clayton
75kg Brody Blair
81kg Jonathan Savard
91kg Samir El Mais
91+kg Simon Kean